Here’s a fun, quirky dice game for you: Zombie Dice. The rules are pretty simple, get 13 brains to win. This can be tough, though, because shotgun-toting humans are around, ready to shoot you and force you to lose your turn!   The game comes with 13 dice and some instructions, but you might want a pencil and piece of paper to keep track of every players brains.


To get the game going, all you have to is put all of the dice in the cup, shake ‘em, and without looking, grab 3 and roll them. A brain means 1 point and a shotgun blast means your victim shot back and is a point against you. Both brains and shotguns are set aside. Footprints have no points for or against you, but you can re-roll them along with any new dice (as long as the dice amount is no more than 3). You can stop adding and rolling the dice when you want and write your score down at any time after rolling, but if you get three blasts, your turn is over and you lose your entire score for that round. This isn’t too different from other games, like Greed or Big Pig.  After you end your turn, just keep passing, rolling, and scoring until somebody reaches 13 brains.

If that gets boring, you could always switch it up and become the humans. Footsteps are worth 1 point (you got away), brains are re-rolled (fought one off), and brains are points against you (a zombie killed one of your friends). This makes the game a little harder to win, 29% percent, according to the Steve Jackson Games forum.

I love this little thing. It’s pretty compact, easy, and fairly quick. Obviously, it’s a little violent, so little ones may not want to play it, but for teens and older, I think it’s perfect. I usually use this one in between other games or to kill a little time before another activity. Sure, there are plenty of other quick dice games like Ship, Captain, Crew or Macau, but if you’re a zombie lover or just someone who wants some cool looking dice, Zombie Dice is great for that.

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