Tally-hold is a popular beer dice or bar dice game that is easy to learn and fun to play. All you need is five dice, a score pad,  pencil, and a few friends to play this classic dice game. Can be played with kids, too (but not as a drinking game!) that requires simple math skills to keep track of scores.

The object is to roll the five dice, set aside any number of dice and re-roll to accumulate higher totals. The highest score after a number of rounds is declared the winner.

2+ players, but best with 2-5

Five dice, a pencil, and a notepad


First, the number of rounds should be decided, and also the player who will go first. We usually play where each player rolls one die and the highest number goes first.

Player rolls all five dice. They can set aside any high number dice and re-roll remaining dice to try and get higher numbers. After third roll the dice are totaled and the result written on the score sheet. Play continues to the player on the left.

Winning the Game

Once the determined number of rounds has been completed, the player with the highest number is the winner.

If this is being played as a drinking game, either the winner can choose someone to drink, or the loser (lowest total) buys a round for the other players.