Another fun and easy game for the whole family. It has a little math involved but is pretty easy for kids to play if they have basic addition and subtraction skills.

The object is to keep all of your tokens. The last person with tokens wins!


2 dice, 21 tokens, chips, etc. per player and one set for the middle.


A player rolls the dice. If they roll a 7, they take seven tokens from the middle. If they roll any number other than 7, they add the difference to the middle pot. For example, a player with a roll of 6-4 would subtract 7 from 10 (3) and add three tokens to the center. For numbers less than seven, say a roll of 3-2, the player would subtract 5 from 7 (2) and add two tokens to the center. Play continues to the left (clockwise) until all players but one have lost all of their tokens or counters.


Winning the Game

The last player with tokens is the winner. Reset the board to play again!