Klondike is a gambling game played with five poker dice. It can also be played with regular dice.

Have the best hand to win a round. The last one with chips wins.

3+ Best with 3-5 players

Five poker dice; chips or betting tokens.


One player is the Dealer and pays the Bets. Players ante up, and the Dealer rolls 5 poker dice. He can keep or re-roll some or all dice (up to a total of three rolls) to get a winning hand. Each player then gets a chance to roll and re-roll the other 5 dice – up to 3 times – to try beat the dealer’s hand. Bets paid even money by the dealer to the player(s) with the winning hand. Here is the list of winning hands in order of rank (highest to lowest)

FIVE OF A KIND FOUR OF A KIND FULL HOUSE – 3 of a kind plus a pair STRAIGHT – A thru 10, K thru 9 (regular dice would be 1 thru 5 or 2 thru 6) THREE OF A KIND TWO PAIR ONE PAIR BUST – high card, no pair, no straight

Winning the Game

The player with the best hand wins the pot. When a player loses all of their chips, they lose. The last player standing wins!


You can also play this with just two players as a Draw Poker game, whereby each player antes up, rolls (up to three times) and tries to beat the other player’s hand. Winner takes the pot.​​ We sell a set of poker dice in a convenient tin on our site for $9.95.