This game is lots of fun to play – even for kids or adults that say they “can’t draw” will find the game fun to play. It is great for younger children and encourages drawing, counting and taking turns.



One die, a pencil, and a piece of paper


Each player rolls a single six-sided die and either draws one of the following body parts on their beetle or – if that body part has been drawn – pass the die to the next player. The body (1) needs to be drawn first, so the player needs to roll a 1 on the die before any legs, head, tail, wings, or antennae are drawn. Additionally, you would need to roll a two (for the head) before the feelers or eyes could be added.beetle_530x530

1=Body (1 total)

2=Head (1 total)

3=Legs (6 total)

4=Eyes (2 total)

5=Antenna / feelers (2 total)

6=Tail or wings (1 tail or 2 wings total)


Winning the Game

The first to complete their insect first wins! To complete a drawing you would need to roll 1-1; 1-2; 6-3’s; 2-4’s; 2-5’s; and 2-6’s.   There are many ways you could play this including drawing a ladybug, dragonfly or something else. Use your imagination and have some fun!