Fast-paced and grabby, this simple card game has livened up get togethers for years. Spoons is like musical chairs for your hands. Can you be the last one standing?

Get a four of a kind, grab a spoon, and be the last player with a spoon.

2-8; any more and you may need a second deck of cards.

One standard deck of cards, jokers removed, spoons: one less than the amount of players.


Choose a player to be the dealer

The dealer shuffles the deck thoroughly and deals out four cards per person.

The dealer draws from the pile and discards a card to the left. The player to the left picks up the discarded card and discards one of their own to the left. Play continues with the final player placing their discarded card into the discard pile face down.


Winning the Game

Play continues in this fashion until a player gets a four of a kind. This can happen with any suit, color, or rank. When a player creates their four of a kind, then take a spoon.

As soon as a spoon is taken, all other players must scramble to grab a spoon. The player without one is omitted from the game. When a player is out o, remove a spoon and continue playing.


The winner is the last person to grab a spoon.

Many people try “fake out” players, too, by pretending to grab spoons without touching one. If another grabs a spoon out of turn, either by not having a four of a kind or by no other players having a four of a kind and grabbing a spoon first, they’re immediately out of the game

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