Month: March 2016


Macau (Macao) is an exciting dice game that originates from China. It involves betting and strategy. ObjectPlayersWhat You'll Need Roll one die and be the player who reaches a total of 9 or less without going over (bust). 2 or more; best with 3 to 6. 1 die; coins, chips or tokens to bet with. Play Macau is played in rounds. All players ante up (chips or coins) into the center. First player rolls the die as many times as they want and totals the numbers, trying to get as close to 9 without going over. If the total...

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DescriptionObjectPlayersWhat You'll Need Klondike is a gambling game played with five poker dice. It can also be played with regular dice. Have the best hand to win a round. The last one with chips wins. 3+ Best with 3-5 players Five poker dice; chips or betting tokens. Play One player is the Dealer and pays the Bets. Players ante up, and the Dealer rolls 5 poker dice. He can keep or re-roll some or all dice (up to a total of three rolls) to get a winning hand. Each player then gets a chance to roll and re-roll the...

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Escalero, also known as Generala is a dice game similar to Yacht / Yahtzee. A very popular game in Puerto Rico, Escalero can be played with either five regular dice or five poker dice and is best with two to five players. A game consists of ten rounds with each player competing for the highest score from various dice combinations. ObjectPlayersWhat You'll Need 2+players; best played with no more than 5 players to avoid long waits between turns. 2+ Five regular six-sided dice OR five six-sided poker dice; score sheet set up in the following way: Play Players decide who goes first. Players...

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