Month: January 2016

Ship, Captain, Crew

Sometimes called Ship, Captain, Mate and Crew, this is a fun, easy dice game that can be played either as a drinking game or as a scoring game where the winner is determined by tallying the points over a number of rounds. Variations with slightly different rules include the games Family Jones, and Par. ObjectPlayersWhat You'll Need Each player rolls a set of five dice, and gets three rolls per turn to score points. The object is to score the most points (cargo) after they have gained their Ship, Captain and Crew in order. 2+; best with 3-5 players Five regular six-sided...

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Seven Up

Another fun and easy game for the whole family. It has a little math involved but is pretty easy for kids to play if they have basic addition and subtraction skills. ObjectPlayersWhat You'll Need The object is to keep all of your tokens. The last person with tokens wins! 2+ 2 dice, 21 tokens, chips, etc. per player and one set for the middle. Play A player rolls the dice. If they roll a 7, they take seven tokens from the middle. If they roll any number other than 7, they add the difference to the middle pot. For...

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Bar Dice

Rules and variations for the classic bar and pub drinking game played with dice. There are various bar games with dice, but the ones listed under this name are all elimination games based on a poker hand with regular dice. Most games are one less round than the number of players playing the game, but in the case of two player games it is usually played as a best of two-out of-three game where the loser buys. In elimination games with 3 or more players the last remaining player at the end of the rounds of play is the loser, and buys everyone...

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This is another simple put and take game for adults and kids alike. Try to be the last one with tokens! We suggest playing using pretzels, M&Ms, or pennies as tokens for an added treat. ObjectPlayersWhat You'll Need Be the last player with tokens in your hand! 2+ Counters / tokens / chips of some sort, equal amounts for each player, a single six-sided die, and a piece of paper with a drawing of a zeppelin (blimp) with 5 parts plus a gondola beneath it (see diagram). Play The players take turns rolling the die. If they roll a...

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Big Heart

A simple game, perfect for children. Just draw a large heart with six chamber and try to fill them up by rolling the dice and matching the chamber to the die roll. ObjectPlayersWhat You'll Need Fill up your heart’s chambers before the other player(s)! 1+ One die, a piece of paper, and a pencil. Play Draw a big heart and divide it into six chambers One die is used and each player takes turns rolling the die and writing that number in any chamber of the heart, and passes the die to the next player. If a player has...

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