Month: December 2015

Mexico (Mexican Bar Dice)

This is the drinking version of Liar’s Dice, sometimes referred to as Mexico, Mexicali, Mexican, or even Mexican Bar Dice. There are other versions or variations of this game that are played with five dice and multiple rolls, all with similar names and rules. ObjectPlayersWhat You'll Need The object of the game is to roll the dice and either bluff (lie) to the other players or tell the truth of the result, and each of the other players try to get a better score. Cups are then removed to show the outcome of the dice and, depending on the...

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Big Pig

An easy game to learn and play with friends and family, Big Pig uses two dice, a notepad and pencil for score keeping. With easy-to-remember rules and decision-making, Big Pig engages kids while they sharpen their math skills. There are many variations to this classic dice game which is sometimes known as Pig, Pig Dice, Skunk, and more. Fast-paced, simple and with equal parts luck and strategy, we think you’ll find Big Pig addicting and exciting. ObjectPlayersWhat You'll Need Roll the dice, add your score, and avoid rolling a 1. Winner is determined by reaching a score of 100 points or other predetermined number. 2+; Best with 3+ 2...

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