Month: October 2015

Zombie Dice

Here’s a fun, quirky dice game for you: Zombie Dice. The rules are pretty simple, get 13 brains to win. This can be tough, though, because shotgun-toting humans are around, ready to shoot you and force you to lose your turn!   The game comes with 13 dice and some instructions, but you might want a pencil and piece of paper to keep track of every players brains. To get the game going, all you have to is put all of the dice in the cup, shake ‘em, and without looking, grab 3 and roll them. A brain means...

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Poker Dice

This game is a compact, quick way to play poker. Without most card numbers, best hands are determined quickly and openly for a fast-paced gambling game. ObjectPlayersWhat You'll Need Players bet against each other and try to roll the winning hand. 2+; Best with 3 or more. Poker dice; betting chips or tokens. Play Players ante up (add a predetermined amount of chips) to the center, and each player takes turns rolling five poker dice. Each player can set aside dice and re-roll up to two more times to get a winning hand (listed below). Winner takes the chips...

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5 Easy, Fun Games for Kids

5 Easy, Fun Games for Kids Here are a few easy games to play with kids that only require one or two six-sided dot dies, some paper to draw on or to keep score; and pencils, pens or crayons. Beetle: This game is lots of fun to play – even for kids or adults that say they “can’t draw” will find the game fun to play. It is great for younger children and encourages drawing, counting and taking turns. The object is to roll numbers that correspond to a body part on a beetle, draw that part on your...

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