Month: September 2015

Settlers of Catan

Settlers of Catan is probably one of those games you’ve seen around. Everyone seems to have it or it’s in every bookstore, but you haven’t seen the appeal of it. I mean, look at the cover art! This looks too old fashioned or no fun, right? Then, when you check the back and see all of the pieces and what the board looks like, you want to play it even less. “It looks hard! Board games shouldn’t be that hard!” And you put it down. I was one of those people that wasn’t interested in it at all either....

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Egyptian Ratscrew

Also referred to as Egyptian Rat Screw, Egyptian War, Egyptian Ratscurry, Egyptian Ratslap, Egyptian Ratkiller and more,  this classic card game, based on the 1860’s hit Beggar-My-Neighbor,  gained popularity in the 1990’s in the United States.  Can you slap your way to grabbing the entire deck? ObjectPlayersWhat You'll Need Be the person with the entire 52 deck of cards in your hand to win. 2+, but more lively with 4+ A regular deck of cards, Jokers removed. Play Shuffle the deck thoroughly and deal the entire deck out to players evenly. Don’t look at your cards! Starting with the...

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