Month: August 2015

Square Shooters – The First Deck Of Cards On Dice

Square Shooters is a unique dice & card game that features a complete set of playing cards on a set of nine patented dice. Published by Heartland Consumer Products / C.J. Calvert Designs. I came across this game in the toys and games section of my local department store, so it seems to be widely available. I was intrigued by the packaging and concept and decided give it a try. I love these dice. To have a complete set of 52 playing cards plus Jokers on a set of nine dice provides interesting possibilities for a variety of games...

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Dicecapades was released in 2007 by The Haywire Group, so it’s not very old, but I think it’s worth mentioning. At first, it looks like a game you might pass up. Very bright and childlike, the art is odd, maybe a “kid’s game” isn’t what you’re looking for. I’m telling you, though, this is a fun one for all ages. Buy on Amazon Dicecapades’ biggest selling point is that it has over 100 dice in the game. And they aren’t lying! between 1cm cube dice to 12 sided dice to a die inside of a die, it’s got plenty...

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